Let me turn your house into a spotless oasis and make coming home the best part of your day.

Tonya Soum


Transform your home into a sparkling sanctuary with my detailed and meticulous house cleaning services. Let me take care of the dirt, grime, and clutter so you can breathe easy and enjoy a haven of pristine cleanliness. Trust me to make your house a home worth coming back to!

Check out the services that I provide:

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House Cleaning


Having family over for a big gathering? Preparing the house to sell? Or just tired of the chaos and exhausted from work and kids sports?

Let me clean your kitchen, clean out your fridge, sweep and mop the floors, dust and vacuum, clean the bathrooms, wipe the baseboards and more!

This can be an all day one time cleaning or a weekly/biweekly cleaning.

2 hour minimum.




After a free in-home assessment or sending me detailed photos, I will plan a course of action to organize your closet/room. The space will be wiped down and organized in bins you may have on hand or that you may purchase. If you prefer me to purchase locally, I will submit a receipt for reimbursement. You tell me how you would like the space to function and I will make it happen for you!

2 hour minimum.

Cleaning car with vacuum cleaner

Car Clean-Out


Bring your car to me or I can come to your home or place of work. For 2 hours, I will throw out any trash, organize contents the best I can, vacuum out and wipe down the interior of your car. If your car has stains in the carpet and dried food, I will do my best to clean that out in the 2 hour time frame I have. This does NOT include exterior cleaning.

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Lebanon, MO